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Licensed Electrical Contractors

New York City and New Jersey

Established in 1987

Who We Are.

OM Electric is a professional, knowledgeable, and courteous group of licensed electrical contractors in New York city and New Jersey.

We started in 1987, chasing the American Dream. New York City agreed with our desires and goals.

Today, OM Electric has been serving the Tri-State area as one of the best team of electrical contractors that deliver with dedication, distinction, and an extremely high level of professionalism and style.

After a few decades in the Big Apple, we are proud to be here; and plan to remain during the recovery and revitalization.

OM Electric specializes in High-End Residential and Commercial Properties.

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Reliable Service

Reliability is defined as the probability that a product, system, or service will perform its intended function adequately for a specified period of time, or will operate in a defined environment without failure. This is what we are about!

Professional Team

Our team of Licensed Electrical Contractors and Engineers are available to serve you with the most effective and efficient approach to your highly technical electrical and engineering projects of every class.

100% Guaranteed

Our work and services are fully guaranteed!

Flexible Schedule

We work at your schedule from start to finish.


Check our Services

New Construction

Stage 1 & Stage 2 (Temporary and Underground Conduit to Rough-in, followed by a thorough inspection.)

ECB Violations Removal

Notices of ECB violations are handled expeditiously so you can get back on tract ASAP.

Electrical Wiring

Full service, Commercial and Residential, starting from the power line to your home or business.

Service Upgrades

Electrical upgrades, starting from a lower voltage to a higher required 220, and vice versa.

Low Voltage

50 volts (V) of electricity or less. Common low voltages include 48 V, 24 V, and 12 V.

Fire Alarm Systems

From single-building fire alarms to complex networks across multiple facilities.


Communication flow between individuals. Video or Audio communication, or a combination of both.

HVAC Wiring

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Provides heating/cooling to residential/commercial buildings.

Adequate Wiring

Additional Circuits Or Larger Fuse Boxes are needed in many homes to support installed systems.

Range Conversions

Gas-To-Electric conversion of kitchen utilities, providing adequate wiring and load support.

Troubleshooting For Cause

Troubleshooting electrical problems in a systematic and efficient manner to detect and mitigate problems.

Stand-By Generators

Keeps your power "ON" during outages; installed outside your home to kick-on automatically.

Load Calculation

Every electrical circuit's load limit is the maximum load it can handle safely without overheating.

Sub-Meter Installation

From new Construction to retrofits of an older residential structure or commercial structure

System Designs

The fundamental first step of every project consists of a detailed system design, which we provide.


Booking Our Services

When you are ready to discuss your electrical projects' goals and expectations, please take a moment to contact us for a quote.
We provide some of the best in-class electrical work that is guaranteed to pass your stringent regulatory inspections.


Successful Electrical Projects and Accomplishments

We are dedicated to support New Constructions, Residential and Commercial Wiring, Service Upgrades, Fire Alarm Systems, Intercom, HVAC Wiring, Adequate and Low Voltage Wiring, Gas to Electric Range conversions, Stand-By Generators, Load Calculations, and QualLogic Sub-Meter Installations, as well as Removal of ECB violations.

Our Dedicated staff of professionals is always available to take care of our Client's requests and remain vigilant to keep our projects running efficiently. We are one of New York's finest and Premier Electrical contractors. Our Goal is to maintain a high rate of customer satisfaction, which is our top priority.

Happy Clients: We work for private owners and general contractors.

Projects: We have also completed complex build-outs for large chains, such as Target, BCF, and Marshalls, etc.

Years of experience: OM Electric is a fully licensed Electrical and Engineering Team of Contractors, who have served the NY Tri-State area for over three decades.

Area of Concentration: We specialize in Electrical Engineering, Service Upgrades, ECB violations Removal, and DOB Plan Examiner Submittal.

Jonathan S. Nagin

Superior Management Incorporated

We have been a customer of OM Electric since 1993. We give them jobs big and small, from fixing one outlet to rewiring entire buildings in Manhattan and Brooklyn. They give prompt service at an excellent rate and we will continue to use them in the future.
In today's world, dealing with NYC and CON-Edison has become incredibly difficult and they make the processes a breeze. Next time your building drops a leg at 3 A.M. or CON-ED shuts off your gas and you need to rewire 40 apartments for electric stoves, they should be your first call.

Jack Baradarian

Residential Property Manager

OM Electric is Very knowledgeable of Electrical codes and regulations. They completed 3 jobs for me and managed everything within the house with no problems. They are friendly, honest, reasonable, professional and easy-to-deal-with and true gentlemen. I highly recommend them.

Johnny sandaire Photography

Dr. Johnny Sandaire Ph.D

Small Business Owner

I was building a new Deck in my Home last Summer. I contacted OM Electric for the Electrical work. They came and installed the lighting system with dimmers and made sure that I had the correct voltage and security and safety for me and my Family. The lighting is beautiful and very romantic on my new Deck. I love the results and would recommend OM Electric for any type of electrical work in your Home or business.

Steven Abramowitz


OM Electric provided smart solutions for an electrical upgrade and installation of heaters for our street cafes, performing work to code and sign off in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price in a professional manner. I would highly recommend them.


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